About Akazi


“Aκάζι” is an old megarian vernacular word means “power” which in our case reflecting the strong connection we keep up with numerous other fellow local companies and there various providing services all concentrated on “one stop office” deal.

Location Set

Location lay the groundwork for a right shooting. Lay your groundwork around sets like this Domestic hearth . An so ” back in the day ” set built and veneered by Tradition and Time. Located near Megara, recently added to our large location database.


As a fixer office, AKAZI MEGARA is associated with some of the best in life-events and catering business proudly certificated with a TUV AUSTRIA. We surely know how to accommodate people so let our experience adapt to your production cast crew needs.


Historical cars and vehicles

Car history still living usable and a daily life in the streets of Megara area. Why not for your project also?
Need a WWII Us army Willy MB or a 1969 corvette for your project. We can fix it. AKAZI also having the use fixing for you among various types of yacht and boats.

Horses and horse cars

This is a piece of our horse-car collection.Our partners could provide you with an amount of 20 horses for your costume drama or what your project asking for a great scene.

Filming light around Megara

Finding cinematographically “South Italy” in the countryside near Megara Attica Greece for the needs of Michael Kafandaris work in progress movie “TELIS STEFANIS 60’S PROJECT” actually was an easy one for us to fix.
Megara – Attica – Greece. A perfect place and some great light for any project set in the past time.


Megara part of West Attica is one of the last places keeps holding the authentic customs and traditions of Attica most of them does not exist anymore in modern Athens.

GET THE TRUE FOLK ATTICA on your next ethnic tv project.

Megara area got some of the best folk dancers in Attica. Highly setted up on the rich greek dance tradition, We talking about really experts, count numerous participations in flagship dance fest all over the world.